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ΝΠ Chapter
“Brotherhood is the very price and condition of man’s survival”
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Since 1974

ΝΠ Past Lines

Spring 2023

8 UnbreaQable Soldiers Under Nuclear Pressure

Walter Lyons Jr.

Bryan Chapman

Chris Wilcher

Kevin Fleming

Kareem Butler

Terrell Harris

Alexander Peacock Sr.

Terry Smith Jr.

Spring 2022

5 Resurrected Souls of Terror

Brian Wilson

Thomas Agnew

Ramonde Williams

Reese Robinson

Jaylen Anderson

Fall 2020

5 Quarantined Cases of Terror

Brandon Noland

Jonathon Love

DeAnte Howard

DeMarco Hughes

Jabari Saunders

Fall 2018

10 Unconquerable Souls of Diogenes

Antoine Hicks

Ronald K. Nolen

Torris Cochran

KyJuan Tate

Howard Rias

Russell Stephens

Northern Denson

Marvin Lofton

Eric Porter

Bobby Simmons


Fall 2016

4 LunatiQ's of StatiQ

Sydney St.Hilaire

Rich Rodriguez

Rashad Davis

Eric Wright


Fall 2015
10 Disciples of Terror

Marquise Hughes
Earl McKay
Andre Harris
Michael Vazquez
Jerome Nesbary
Mark Davis
Edward Daniels
Darrell Spencer
Eddie Welch

Defonda J Louie


Spring 2013
5 Worthy Souls of Viciousness

Dion Wlson
Anthony Robinson
Al Manigo
Jason Underwood
Ivan Simmons


Spring 2011
8 Sons that Froze Hell Over

Rasheem Green
Robert Siler
Joseph Davenport
Fred Blue
Adewale Langston
Wilbur Scott

Melvon Foster
Derrick Patterson


Spring 2010
9 Sons of Hellraiser

Don A. Hoard Jr.
Kermit Blakely
Tartane Hutchinson
Isaac Lambert
Frederick Banks
Marcus Hall
Derrick Walker
Michael Penn
Phillip Taylor


Spring 2009
13 Tons of Terror

Roderick Robinson
Anthony Gibbs
Johnny Jones
Damon Singleton
Perron Thurston
Kevin Iverson
Sevin Hughey
Elijah Maxey
Michael Henderson
Albert Brass

Vincent Sykes
Anthony Mason

Russell Singleton


Spring 2007
6 Sons of Righteous

Traneil Thomas
Richard Wooten
Marvin Hamilton
Jason Bradford
Ben Bryant
Bernie Price


Spring 2006
10 Masters of the QUEniverse

Josh Roberson
Derek J. Van
Joseph Coney
Kadesha Kirkman
Pasquell Robinson
Vincent Avery
Rick Stewart
Kendall Evans
Jesse Jackson Jr.
Monte Patrick


Spring 2004
10 Captains of Soul

Jeff Black
Marcus Baker
Omar Green
Jeryl Major
Gerald Reed
Christopher Macklin
Ricardo Spivey
John Jackson
Mario Mahome
David Lee


Fall 2002
11 Souls of Discipline

Johnny Tate
Gerome Summers Jr
Brian Caywood
Shaun Reed
Charles Owens II
Herman Williams Jr
Maurice Pinkney
William Owens
Adrian Griffin

David Woods Sr

Anthony Richardson


Spring 2000
4 Counts of Manslaughter and 1 Mr. Meaner

Jeffery Walker
Deleon Rainey
Willie Spears

Tony Ewell
Michael Brooks


Spring 1999
Psychotic Furious Five + 1

Tony O. White
James Alexander Jr.
Carl Mayes
Sidney Pennix
Matthew Lewis
           Calvin D. Eskridge
(Omega Chapter)


Spring 1998
7 Masters of Disaster

Ronald Lynch
Chris Suber
Kevin Thomas
Isaac Bracy
Karl Blumenberg
Michael Barron
Andre Tillery


Spring 1997
8 Souls of Courage Under Fire

Gregory Davis
Milaun Brown Sr.
Henry Waller
Melvin Graves
Charles Owens
Steve Calhoun
Terrell D. Anderson
Paul Johnson


Spring 1996
10 Quesified Masters of Faith

Timothy Rubens
DeVone Verse
Michael Lyttle
Ken Holiday
Zel Hiram Wilson
Roderick Walker
Terry Bell
William Rapier Sr.
Gerald Dew
Benjamin Billups

Summer 1984

Paul Richard

Tommy Hatten

Jerome Roberts

Spring 1981

Crawford Brady

Johnny Harris

John Kennedy

Virgil McIntosh

George Tyus

Natahaniel Romeo

Summer 1980

David Bigsby

Summer 1976

Leslie Beavers

Eugene McDaniels

James Thompson

Donald Johnson

Joseph Wright

Spring 1975 (Charter Line)

Paul Downing

Jonathan Johnson

Kenneth Parks

Ronald Johnson

Edmond Francois

Charles J. Kennedy

Kenneth Freeman



In 1973 a group of men who lived in the city of Joliet, Illinois would see each other on the streets and of course, they would greet each other as fraternity brothers. Some had just moved to the city, while others were already living there. Joliet, Illinois at that time was a predominately blue collar town: consisting of caterpillar, the Quarry and the prison industry.


The city had its share of racial issues dating back to the Joliet Riot after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. Being an African-American professional man in the city at that time was not the norm. However, these brothers developed a very close bond based upon friendship, family and spirituality. In the latter part of 1973 their numbers had grown to 14 brothers coming from Alcorn, Philander Smith, North Carolina A&T,
Tennessee State, Florida A&M, Tougaloo, Texas Southern, Gambling, Morris Brown and
Wilberforce. These brothers truly believed and lived our creed of “Friendship is Essential
to the Soul”

Charter Members of NU PI chapter Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

On March 9, 1974, the chapter was officially chartered at a ceremony where Burnell Coulon (Omega Chapter), 10th District Representative and a future Grand Basileus and Marion Garnett, Grand Basileus of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. at the time presided.  The Nu Pi brothers elected their first chapter officers. Those brothers elected were:  John Greenwood, Basileus, Arnold Mitchell, Vice-Basileus, Willie L. Lewis, Jr., Keeper of Records and Seal and Tillman Rosemon as Keeper of Finance. They were joined by Sam Epps, Melvin Walker (Omega Chapter) Julian Browne (Omega Chapter), Floyd Eskridge (Omega Chapter) Cleo Knight (Omega Chapter), James Robertson, Harold Reeder, Cornell Williams , Leroy Adams, John Bell, and  Bill Lucky (Omega Chapter). Nu Pi Chapter was the first African-American fraternity chapter founded in the southwestern suburbs.

The chapter was off and running by initiating their first line in 1975 and by establishing Pi Eta Chapter at Lewis University in 1975 at the request of Carlton Russell, the lone undergraduate Omega on campus. In order to bring the African-American community together, the chapter initiated the 3rd Friday’s Gatherings at the Joliet Sheraton which became very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. The chapter membership strongly believed in community service and various members served on various boards in the city; NAACP, Friends of the Joliet Public Library, Forest Park Community Center, and the Rainbow Council of Boy Scouts.

In 1994 at the Conclave in Cleveland, Ohio, Brother Clevon Davis had his first conversation about reactivating Nu Pi Chapter with Ronald Hughes who was the 10th District Representative at the time. Two more meetings were held to lay the ground work for reactivation to take place.  In 1995, Nu Pi was reactivated. The first official meeting was held in the home of Brother Elvis Adams where Brother Clevon Davis was elected Basileus, Brother Robert
Ellis was elected Vice-Basileus, Brother Harold Dell (Omega Chapter) was elected Keeper of Records and Seal and Brother Elvis Adams was elected Keeper of Finance. They were joined by Brothers Donald Dew, Marvin Nolden, Kenneth Nolen, Lamark Carter and Rodney Harrington, and the 10th District Representative, Ronald Hughes. This indeed was
the catalyst that propelled Nu Pi into the next century.


This reactivation effort has increased the rolls of Omega by initiating over 180 new brothers into the fold. With their successful Founder’s Banquets, and their work in the community through the fraternity’s mandated programs, they have either participated in or sponsored:  Talent Hunts, Essay Contests, Achievement Week, Blood Drives, Health Fairs, Joliet Black Pride,  Clothing and Toy Drives, Food Give-A-Ways, Scholarships, and  mentoring programs. Thus, Nu Pi continues to maintain their commitment of uplift to the community. The Chapter hosted the District Meeting in 2009 and received the Chapter of the Year Award from the District in 2007 & 2009. We celebrate the charter members for their vision and we celebrate the brothers who reactivated the chapter along with all the brothers who have since joined this fraternity through the portals of Nu Pi Chapter. Long Live Nu Pi Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.


ΠΗ Past Lines

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